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Tbilisi Yoga Community
Tbilisi Yoga Community teachers have gone through at least 200 hours of yoga education, are certified to teach, and have practiced for at least 5 years. They welcome your suggestions and feedback and can't wait to meet you on your mat.
Kati Shanti
I started to practice yoga at age 16 years. Throughout my 10+ years of experience, I mostly studied yoga in India, Germany and Spain, and got inspired by my main teachers Rolf and Marci Naujokat, Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco, Sadhguru.
Certified as Hatha & Pranayama, Prenatal & Postnatal yoga teacher.
I founded Tbilisi Yoga Loft at 2020 and Tbilisi Yoga Villa at 2022 – a yoga spaces that welcomes people of all colors, ages and shapes.

Primarily teach Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin and Prenatal yoga. In my classes, you can expect everything from silent meditation to arm balances.

Style: Ashtanga, Yin, Prenatal, Sound Healing
Language: English, Russian
Dima Guryev
Certified teacher in Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Yoga Nidra. On my classes I adhere to ancient hatha-yoga traditions of my school Patanjali International Yoga Foundation: reaching deep sensations through purification and breathing technics, practicing asanas, mudras and mental concentration. I keep on learning and I am eager to share my knowledge with students.

Style: Hatha, Aerial yoga, Nidra
Language: Russian, English
Dina Aslamazishvili-Ignatova
PhD, University Professor and Researcher
Embodiment Coach, Free Dance Facilitator
Embodied Yoga Principles Trainer

Guide into conscious dance and embodiment. My classes include body-mind instruments for developing awareness and making choices in life from preferable emotional states. Embodiment helps to deal with complex emotions, grow stress resilience and build healthy relationships (with oneself, others and life contexts).

Style: Dance, Embodiment
Language: English, Russian, Georgian
Skyy Conteras
I began practicing yoga almost 9 years ago, at age 15. I became a 500hr certified yoga teacher through Rishikul Yogshala in Pokhara, Nepal.
I am trained in traditional Ashtanga & Hatha, as well as meditation and beginner level sound healing. In my classes, whether it be Asana or Meditation, I focus on building the connection between our mind, body, & breath. I welcome any and all students to join me and each other, on our mats, as we practice connection through the Union that is Yoga.

Style: Vinyasa, Meditation, Meditative Flow
Language: English
David Guntaishvili
I spent the last several years traveling mostly in Asia. I tried many different styles of yoga here and there. While in Nepal, I got stuck for almost a year during the pandemic and all of my previous experience with yoga lead me to a teacher training course. During month long training, I fell in love with the fiery and meditative practice of Ashtanga. In my class, I hope to pass along this same passion that I have been developing as a new practitioner and teacher.

Style: Ashtanga, Vinyasa
Language: English, Georgian
Masha Shalagina
I am a dance artist, choreographer and teacher from St. Petersburg. I invite you to break into the world of dance improvisation, where we will have a dialogue with our own body, open new horizons, fly and fall, surrender to our imagination! I took courses with representatives of contemporary dance from Israel, Spain, Brazil, Greece, Russia, Poland, Ukraine; participated in Russian and international festivals and competitions.
It is important for me to create an open and accessible space in the hall for everyone with the possibility of personal expression and gaining their own unique experience!

Style: Stretching, Dance Improvisation, Contemporary Dance
Language: Russian, English
Nika Chitidze
I first tried yoga 12 years ago in Germany and later I started intensively practiced at Tbilisi Yoga Loft, where I have explored the depths of yoga. It has made a big difference in my consciousness and my physical body. After experiencing for myself how yoga affecting and bringing you into harmony with the outside world, how it regulates so many aspects around us as well, I decided to take a yoga teacher training at Loft. It gave me the opportunity to share this magical power of yoga with people. In my yoga lessons with breathing exercises, asanas, relevant music and finally shavasana you will be able to figure out your own emotions, start exploring your inner world and get a healthy body.

Style: Yoga for beginners
Language: Georgian, English
Alisa Ashyrova
In the beginning yoga was just another sport for me but, with time and building up curiosity, it became more than a bodily exercise. In June 2021 I have completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at Tbilisi Yoga Loft and at the moment I am advancing my knowledge at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation.

In my classes I aim to impart the gained experience of yoga to practitioners and assist them in bringing their body and mind into unity.

Style: Hatha Yoga, Yin yoga
Language: English, Russian
Madina Ilieva
I am a certified hatha yoga instructor, yoga therapist (6 years teaching experience). I studied at the Russian Yoga Federation in Moscow, with Alexei Konstantinov in Krasnoyarsk, with Andrey Lappa in Moscow. And my most important achievement is to be a mother of five wonderful children.
I love my job for the opportunity to give people health, beauty and good mood.

Style: Hatha Yoga, Private Yoga-Therapy
Language: Russian
Karina Kodak
My name is Karina Kodak and I am a Vajra yoga teacher
("vajra" means "diamond"). This is a method that combines the classical techniques of hatha yoga, knowledge of the biomechanics and structure of the human body, as well as meditation and the philosophy of dzogchen.
I have been teaching individual and group classes, retreats and seminars for over 7 years. For the last two years I have been actively working online, selling my author's courses and marathons on Instagram.

Style: Vajra Yoga, Correct Approach to the Spine
Language: English, Russain
Ilia Kostenko
My martial arts journey began at an early age, 31 years ago. I attended school sections of martial arts, fought a lot on the streets and constantly tried to come up with exercises and techniques myself. At the age of 12, having experienced a deep experience of loss, left an orphan, I became deeply involved in spiritual search, discovered the philosophy of Tao and Zen, and began to practice Qigong and Meditation, which went hand in hand with the practice of Chinese Wushu. I studied with the eminent masters Sam F.S. Chin and Alex Skalozub, as well as their closest students. In 2015, I was honored to receive a certificate and the right to teach from the patriarch of the school, Sam F.S. Chin. Now I am happy to share this art here in Georgia.

Style: ZhongXinDao ILiqChuan
Language: Russian
Anna Geranina
My name is Anya. I'm passionate about travel and yoga. I started practicing and studying yoga philosophy when I was living in Nepal. I've also become incredibly fascinated with the anatomy of the human body. At some point, I realized that I wanted to share my knowledge so I took a teachers' course at Tbilisi Yoga Loft.
My classes are all about getting to know and reconnecting with our bodies. I offer a gentle full-body practice with a focus on the wellness of the spine, relieving tension from the shoulders and the neck. I offer different movements for warming the joints and the entire spine. All movements are accessible for all levels of training.
I try to draw students' attention to the sensations and processes that occur in their bodies during practice - thereby developing Body Intelligence. It is important for me that students understand what we are doing and why. The main ingredients of my classes are love and respect for our bodies.

Gentle yoga, Beginners
Language: Russain, English
Amalia Karaeva
"In 2017, I practiced yoga throughout my pregnancy, and I realised how yoga helps and facilitates this wonderful period for mom and baby. In my classes, every pregnant woman will feel the attention and care for herself."
Since 2019 she has been working with pregnant at the maternity training center and helped them carefully during pregnancy.
Passed training "In-Depth Study of the Effects of Yoga on Pregnancy and Childbirth" and Yoga teacher RYT 200.

Style: Prenatal Yoga
Language: Russian
Pavel Kuvshinov
Graduated from massage courses in 2016, started to study kinesio-therapy and physiotherapy. Finished TTC in Hatha yoga with Igor Kovalev. Every time practice will be a discovery not only for beginners, but also for practitioners or even teachers. The practices are powerful and at the same time safe, without the use of dangerous asanas for the untrained. I focus on the health of the body.

Style: Hatha Yoga
Language: Russian
Evgenii Dynko
Certified teacher of the international federation of yoga and yoga Evgenii Dynko. Practicing yoga since 2013, teaching since 2018.

Style: Hatha Yoga, Philosophy, Pranayama
Language: Russian
Irina Fatyuk
I am a certified teacher, I have two Russian and one international certificate. 12 years of personal practice experience, 5 years of teaching experience. I can teach classes for beginners and advanced, therapeutic classes. Studied in Moscow and India. I also conduct classes for future teachers (exam preparation)

Style: Iyengar Yoga
Language: Russian
Ilia Chernyshov
Certified teacher of hatha yoga and yoga therapy, master of Thai massage. Diploma of professional retraining with qualification: instructor-methodologist in adaptive physical culture.
I study and practice a variety of proven physical rehabilitation techniques that can be used to help manage pain or limited joint mobility (Mulligan, McKenzie). Teaching experience: since 2015.

Style: Yoga-Therapy
Language: Russian
Olesia Troshina
I tried kundalini yoga in 2012 and it was love from the first breath. It made me feel like there is nothing impossible and know I'm sharing my experience with others.
For me the lineage is very important so I'm devoted to my teachers and constantly studying with them at Ra Ma Institute of Applied Yogic Science and Technologies.

I find kundalini yoga the highest technology to have full experience of life, to control our body and mind systems, to create energy and to get rid of subconscious patterns. It's a lifetime journey and it's all about love and fun.

Style: Kundalini
Language: Russian, English
Vlada Protasyk
My yoga journey is just beginning, but I hope for it to be lasting and true. I am a certified Aerial Yoga teacher and I'm happy to help my students refine and advance their traditional asanas as I continue to study my own practice.

In my classes we will stretch our bodies and spine with the help of meditation and soft extensions, using the hammock as a support as you explore your flexibility and limits. But this isn't just about your body, this is therapy, an opportunity to truly experience your emotions and fears.

Style: Aerial yoga
Language: Russian
Andrei Osipov
6 years ago I started doing yoga because of the horrible back pain I had after doing some acrobatic tricks. Now the pain is gone but I still a huge fan of this practice because it helps me to be more stable, to ground myself, to feel better, to be more aware of my thoughts and emotions and handle them with much more ease. So my mission is to share this ancient wisdom of yoga with people who have a call for it or who have enough curiosity to see how life can be different when you start practicing. Namaste. See you on the mat.

Style: Vinyasa Flow yoga
Language: English
Veronika Tatarnikova
Studied classical Yoga-Nidra theory and practice (by Shri Swami Satyananda Saraswati method) in Yoga108 School under guidance of Ilia Zhuravlev (MA in Philosophy, Yogacharya, Certified Hypnotherapist).

Style: Yoga Nidra
Language: Russian
Vasily Ivanov
Buddhist meditation practitioner and student of Lama Ole Nydahl.
I have been practicing yoga since 2017 and teaching yoga since 2018. In my practice I combine the knowledge of yoga, meditation, massage practices, energy therapy, body-oriented therapy.

Style: Yin Yoga
Language: Russian
Katrina Dubovik

Style: Guided Meditation
Language: English, Russian
Veronika Tikhonova
Veronika Tikhonova dancer, performer, teacher Veronika graduated from St. Petersburg University of Humanity and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts After that, she continued her dance activities and practice in Moscow. She also studied dance with European teachers and follows their teaching methods and movement qualities. She teaches movement, contemporary dance techniques and conducts performative practices in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and now in Tbilisi.

Style: Stretching
Language: English, Russian
Viktoria Zahvatova
Experience in personal practice for over 10 years, teaching experience since 2016. "For me, yoga is an endless exploration, meditation in motion and a tool to help change your mental state for the better. It is important for me that a person after practice comes out in a more even state, with a sense of peace and tranquility inside. I try to improve my knowledge by regularly taking training courses in the field of biomechanics and anatomy. I love what I do and am happy to be your guide."

Style: Power Hatha Yoga
Language: Russian
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