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Tbilisi Yoga Community
Tbilisi Yoga Community teachers have gone through at least 200 hours of yoga education, are certified to teach. They can't wait to meet you on your mat.
Kati Shanti
I started to practice yoga at age 16. Throughout my 15+ years of experience, I mostly studied yoga in India, Germany and Spain, and got inspired by my main teachers Rolf and Marci Naujokat, Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco, Sadhguru.
Certified as Hatha & Pranayama, Prenatal & Postnatal yoga teacher.
I founded Tbilisi Yoga Loft at 2020 and Tbilisi Yoga Villa at 2022 – a yoga spaces that welcomes people of all colors, ages and shapes.

Primarily teach Yin and Ashtanga. In my classes, you can expect everything from silent meditation to arm balances.

Style: Ashtanga, Yin, Prenatal, Sound Healing
Language: English, Swedish, Russian
Dima Guryev
Certified teacher in Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Yoga Nidra. On my classes I adhere to ancient hatha-yoga traditions of my school Patanjali International Yoga Foundation: reaching deep sensations through purification and breathing technics, practicing asanas, mudras and mental concentration. I keep on learning and I am eager to share my knowledge with students.

Style: Hatha, Aerial yoga, Nidra
Language: Russian, English
Nika Chitidze
I first tried yoga 12 years ago in Germany and later I started intensively practiced at Tbilisi Yoga Loft, where I have explored the depths of yoga. It has made a big difference in my consciousness and my physical body. After experiencing for myself how yoga affecting and bringing you into harmony with the outside world, how it regulates so many aspects around us as well, I decided to take a yoga teacher training at Loft. It gave me the opportunity to share this magical power of yoga with people. In my yoga lessons with breathing exercises, asanas, relevant music and finally shavasana you will be able to figure out your own emotions, start exploring your inner world and get a healthy body.

Style: Yoga & Flow
Language: Georgian, English
Anna Geranina
My name is Anya. I'm passionate about travel and yoga. I started practicing and studying yoga philosophy when I was living in Nepal. I've also become incredibly fascinated with the anatomy of the human body. At some point, I realized that I wanted to share my knowledge so I took a teachers' course at Tbilisi Yoga Loft.
My classes are all about getting to know and reconnecting with our bodies. I offer a gentle full-body practice with a focus on the wellness of the spine, relieving tension from the shoulders and the neck. I offer different movements for warming the joints and the entire spine. All movements are accessible for all levels of training.
I try to draw students' attention to the sensations and processes that occur in their bodies during practice - thereby developing Body Intelligence. It is important for me that students understand what we are doing and why. The main ingredients of my classes are love and respect for our bodies.

Gentle yoga, Beginners
Language: Russain, English
Ilia Chernyshov
Certified teacher of hatha yoga and yoga therapy. Diploma of professional retraining with qualification: instructor-methodologist in adaptive physical culture. During my classes, I focus on strength exercises, choosing the difficulty according to the abilities of the students. Teaching experience: since 2015.

Style: Yoga-Therapy, Hatha, Tabata yoga
Language: Russian
Vasily Ivanov
Buddhist meditation practitioner and student of Lama Ole Nydahl.
I have been practicing yoga since 2017 and teaching yoga since 2018. In my practice I combine the knowledge of yoga, meditation, massage practices, energy therapy, body-oriented therapy.

Style: Yin Yoga, Ashtanga
Language: Russian
Alice Chursinova
Since childhood, I have been involved in sports, acrobatics, dancing, and even studied to be a choreographer. After completing her dance career, she was involved in running and fitness. About 2 years ago, she fell in love with yoga and quickly progressed from beginner to intermediate level thanks to her good form and stretching. Studied at the Chaturanga School of Hatha Yoga. My uniqueness is in balanced practices, where I pay attention to flexibility, strength and endurance, while taking care of my body.

Style: Power Yoga, Hatha, Stretching
Language: Russian
Alena Chernysheva
I have been practicing yoga since 2011 and started teaching in 2013 after completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course. In 2015, I specialized in prenatal yoga for pregnant women and postpartum through a 254-hour training. In 2019, I furthered my training with a 48-hour course focused on the culture of movement in yoga. In 2020, I pursued a 220-hour Mindfulness Instructors Training program. Recently I completed 746 hours of yoga therapy and adaptive physical culture. My diploma work centered around using yoga therapy and mindfulness to address increased anxiety.

Style: Prenatal, Postnatal, Healthy spine, Yoga-Therapy
Language: Russian
Liza Ignatkina
I have been practicing yoga for 6 years and teaching for 3 years. Took a YTT course at the Organic People School in Moscow and successfully passed final exams. Also went to course for teachers with Dmitry Demin and Gleb Mazaev. And, of course, I continue to study and learn yoga through personal practice every day. In my teaching I use a scientific approach to yoga, knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, taking into account the capabilities and abilities of each student. My classes are suitable for practitioners of all levels, as I use detailed explanations, edits, simplifications, and complications to tailor classes for everyone present.

Vinyasa yoga
Language: Russian
Eleonora Todria
I fell in love with yoga in 2019. Past year I spent in Sri Lanka, country where I deepend my knowledge and skills and completed a 200-hour Urban YTT with an amazing teacher Serena Burgess. My teaching styles are Hatha and Vinyasa. My classes are filled with energizing and strengthening asanas along with grounding and calming practices. I practice yoga though and open and loving heart. There is divine in everything and yoga is meant to sharpen your sight to see it. Yoga is for everyone and YOU. Om Shanti!

Style: Dynamic Hatha
Language: Georgian, English
Varvara Margvelashvili
Hatha + flow is yoga that combines flexibility, endurance, strength and balance training. Smoothly moving from one pace to another, we combine breathing with movement and touch the moment "here and now" - the only place where life exists. The soft settings, intentions and meanings that I give during my classes provide a fundamental understanding of how the body works as a single system.
My name is Varvara Margvelashvili, I am a certified trainer under the YOGA TEACHERS TRAINING 200 HOURS program, trained at the MIIN Academy in the detoxification program, studying at the International School of Micronutrition under the nutritional therapist program and at the educational center Body Coach program "Stretching and flexibility training techniques."

Style: Hatha Flow, Prenatal
Language: Russian
Anna Ivannikova
Anna is a skilled and knowledgeable teacher who is dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals. She is passionate about the Shakti tradition of Sri Vidya and specializes in teaching yoga to beginners, as well as Hatha yoga, Gong meditation, and Vinyasa Flow. Anna has been teaching at a yoga school in Moscow since 2018, where she has gained extensive experience and honed her teaching skills. With a scientific approach to physiology and biomechanics, Anna is able to provide her students with safe and effective instruction that helps them to achieve their full potential.

Style: Hatha Yoga
Language: Russian
Yuri Eltcov
I am a certified Hatha Yoga instructor. I graduated from the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (300 YTT) in 2023 and am starting to consciously immerse myself in the world of teaching. I have been practicing Hatha style for about 3 years. My mission is to help students achieve harmony between body and mind through the practice of yoga. My classes focus on strengthening the body, improving flexibility, and reducing stress.

Style: Hatha Yoga (Patanjali tradition)
Language: Russian
Katerina Rozhok
I am a certified yoga teacher with a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. I have been intensively practicing yoga and meditation since 2020, and I am always striving to improve my skills. For me, yoga is more than just practicing asanas. It is a holistic development of the body, mind, and soul, and I always try to reflect this in my classes. If you are looking for a guide on this path of self-discovery, I would be happy to be your yoga teacher.

Style: Flow Yoga
Language: Russian
Kate Cherepanova
My name is Kate, and yoga has been a part of my life for more than 10 years. Yoga changed my life and filled it with love and harmony. I am a YTTC 200 hour certified yoga teacher and I am still improving. Passing new knowledge through myself, I am happy to share
this in my classes.

Style: Flow yoga, Kids yoga
Language: Russian, English
Anastasia Guzyaeva
Yoga practice has been with me for 6 years. Certified Yoga Teacher - 200H YTTC from Tbilisi Yoga Community (2023). The body always shows the truth. Deep immersion in the body through practice helps you to be in energy, hear your desires, feelings and understand your soul path. Working with the body, we direct attention to sensations in the body, cleanse, nourish the body with energy, stop the flow of thoughts and connect with our soul.

Style: Gentle Yoga
Language: Russian
Ania Tkachenko
I am Anna, a certified Yoga Teacher (200 HYTTC). My favorite style is graceful and creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and I am always looking for interesting movements and sequences, experimenting with classic yoga asanas. It is my goal as a teacher to ensure that my students move according to their current abilities, safely exploring their body movements and strengthening their mind and body connection.

Style: Vinyasa Yoga
Language: English, Russian
Anastasia Rozum
Since 2016, I have been practicing yoga, and I started teaching it in 2018. My teaching method is based on the teachings of the Sri Vidya tradition of Tantra, which focuses on leading the jiva (our soul) towards enlightenment. This path not only results in better health and increased energy but also leads to spiritual growth.

Style: Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Breathing techniques
Language: English, Russian
Karina Zayceva
Hi, I’m Karina. I'm fond of kundalini yoga and meditation. I have 9 years of practise, 7 years of kundalini. Through these years my life changed a lot, I got new positive look on everything that’s going on in this world. The power of meditation fascinate me and I like to share this knowledge with whole world My classes are all about connecting our minds, souls with bodies.

Style: Kundalini Yoga
Language: English, Russian
Mari Kochishvili
• IKYA Academy of Integrative Kundalini Yoga
• Kundalini Yoga Academy “Evolution of Consciousness”
I am a member of the Kundalini journal team

Nutritionology: American Academy of Nutritionology "Ekaterina Novikova"
Spiritual psychologist: School of Vedic Psychology "Drevsa"

School "Mantra Meditation"
Bhakti Vijnana Gos-vami

Style: Kundalini Yoga
Language: Russian