Tbilisi Yoga Community
We created Tbilisi Yoga Community for you to practice
in comfort and inclusivity. Your love and
respect for fellow students and teachers will
help keep the space what it is meant to be.

We ask that you observe the following:

The studio opens 15 minutes before class.
Please come at least 10 minutes before the class to have time to check in, get settled, and change clothes if needed. Students who are late will have to wait to enter until the teacher deems they won't cause too much disruption. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes after the start of a class will not be allowed to enter.
Please remove your shoes before entering the studio.
We recommend light, comfortable, stretchy clothes, and that you practice barefoot. Please do not wear or use perfume, cologne, scented lotions, etc. as the smell can be disruptive to other students.
If you used one of our mats, please clean it with the cleaning solution we provide. Throw away your trash and wash any cups or dishes of ours that you use.
Please observe silence during class, unless you need assistance from the teacher. Please turn off the sound and vibration of mobile phones and secure them in a locker.
Please turn off the sound and vibration of mobile phones, this may interfere with the teacher. Devote time in the studio to your personal practice.