Oniashvili, 37, 3 floor
Saburtalo, Tbilisi
About us
Spa Rooms is a small and cozy place where you can relax before or after yoga class. But also our services can be beneficial to everyone who feels the strain of everyday activities. Our massage services will help you achieve and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
Our Specialists
All our staff members are licensed massage therapists with 5+ years of experience
  • Jeannette Kroeskop
    Healing Massage, Embodying Massage, Relaxing Massage, Energy Alignment

    I found inspiration from Amma Bhagavan in India, the Queros shamans in Peru, Krishnamurti, Mooji, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, Eric Hoogland, Eckhart Tolle and many others.

    I will use all that I am and all that is in me to give you the best possible massage so you can also be Home in what you truly are!
  • Dmitry Harmony
    Yoga massage, Yumeiho therapy, Tantra massage

    My journey began in 2010 with Yoga therapy and then ChiGong practice. After that I've passed 20+ courses all over the world: osteopathy, abdominal massage, japanese yumeiho, facial sculptural massage, etc.

    Each person is unique, I create a program of massage by your individual request.
  • Veronika Tatarnikova
    Singing Bowl full body massage

    I always had a passion to sound and music. This interest brought me to become a Certified Master of Vibro-acoustice massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls. I use a soft and delicate technique which allows to achieve a deeper relaxation.

    After the session, people feel rested and peaceful.
  • Pavel Kuvshinov
    Medical, Sport massage
    Completed his studies on the topic of medical massage in 2016 and defended his diploma on the topic of massage for cardiovascular diseases.

    While doing a massage, I give a recommendation on how exactly you can correct the problem of the musculoskeletal system with the help of exercises at home.
  • Vasily Ivanov
    Thai Massage, Aromatherapy
    Practice massage since 2019.
    In my approach I rely on Eastern medicine, energy healing and aromatherapy. I pay a lot of attention to relaxing the nervous system and immersing person in a state of deep rest.

    I was a student in medical college, and now constantly learning and gaining new knowledge on massage.
Massage Menu
Choose a service from our menu to treat yourself
Relaxing oil massage | 30'
GEL 80
Applied for 2 zones of your choice
Energy Alignment | 45'
GEL 120
A powerful session to clean up, align and harmonise the energy system.
Short feedback after session
Full body Relaxing oil massage | 60'
GEL 150
Balancing massage uses various techniques such as tension release, reflexology, acupressure
GEL 150
Luxurious massage with blend of incredible oils and herbs
GEL 150
Relieves muscle stress through myofascial release
Thai foot or head massage | 30'
GEL 80
Pressure to particular areas of the feet and head
GEL 150
Therapies of the musculoskeletal system
GEL 150
Relaxation through the vibrations and pleasant sounds
Full body Thai YOGA massage | 60'
GEL 150
Yogic stretching movements on the soft cover
Embodying massage | 75'
GEL 180
Combination of energy alignment and relaxing oil massage to restore balance, activate your self-healing capacity and harmonise your total system
GEL 220
Works with muscles, ligaments, pelvic and spine
What People Say About Us
3 Reasons to Choose Us
Every day we work to make our client's life a little better and happier
  • High Quality
    All our staff members are professional therapists with a license. Our therapists are constantly improving their skills and participate in international conferences.
  • Cleanliness and Comfort
    It is important for us that clients feel comfortable. That is why we always monitor the cleanliness and create a cozy atmosphere in our space.
  • Individual Approach
    We works according to the principle of individual approach to every client, respecting wishes.