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Style: Thai Massage, Relax, Aromatherapy, Sport massage

Practice massage since 2019.
In my approach I rely on Eastern medicine, energy healing and aromatherapy. I pay a lot of attention to relaxing the nervous system and immersing person in a state of deep rest.

I was a student in medical college, and now constantly learning and gaining new knowledge on massage.
Style: Face massage, Relax massage

As a specialist in facial massage techniques, I emphasize a personalized approach, tailoring my methods to address specific concerns and client preferences.
Experience in field: 10 years
- Diploma in "Cosmetic-Esthetician" from ITEC, 2013, Moscow.
- Certificate in "Buccal Facial Massage" obtained in 2020, Moscow.
- Certificate in "Spanish Facial Massage: Hiromassage", 2021, Kazan.

Conducted numerous private practice sessions both in Russia and abroad.
Conducting specialized training programs for facial massage practitioners since 2021, particularly author's facial massage in Tbilisi.
Nina Dobrovolskaya
Style: Thai Massage, Abdominal Massage

Master with 17 years of practice, 11 years of teaching experience; I have been studying in Thailand since 2006, I have completed more than 30 trainings from the best masters of body practices in the world.
Andrei Charksau
Style: Thai yoga massage w/singing bowls,
Thai face massage

Massage is part of my philosophy of liberation from the pain and suffering of life on the path to freedom and happiness. The basis of my approach is traditional temple Thai yoga massage from the Kam Ti Chow school. I believe it is the greatest invention for healing a person on all levels.
Vedat Uysal
Style: Deep tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Feet Detox, Hot stone

The first applications of massage activity in history; B.C. It is known that it dates back to 3000 years and was made in China and India. The first written source finding on massage was handled and written in ancient Greek. The word "massein" in ancient Greek means "kneading". And my destiny was written at that time. I have to touch it once to prove it.

More than 15 years of experience.
Andro Raifman
Style: Acupuncture "One Needle Method"

Classical Chinese medicine offers methods to cure a wide range of disorders that modern Western medicine is not always able to treat. It doesn't necessarily have to be a disease, but just an expressed disharmony. Chinese medicine is rightfully considered preventive medicine. It has a comprehensive diagnosis approach that observes the smallest symptoms, pulse, and mucous membranes and uses device-based medical data analyses like blood tests, commonly used in Western medicine. In Chinese medicine, we know how to translate this data into "qi language." The "one-needle method" is a technique that uses a minimum number of points. Each needle is evaluated based on the patient's "personal card." In this way, the doctor can give the body a more concrete, concise, and feasible instruction.