Meet your Masters
Jeannette Kroeskop
Style: Healing Massage, Embodying Massage, Relaxing Massage, Energy Alignment

I found inspiration from Amma Bhagavan in India, the Queros shamans in Peru, Krishnamurti, Mooji, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, Eric Hoogland, Eckhart Tolle and many others.

For the past 20+ years I have filled my 'toolbox' and made it my own. Well trained in many areas including healing, massage, consciousness, chakras, meditation, essential oils, foot reflexology and more. From this 'toolbox' and my own source, I share my knowledge, wisdom, humor, tips and guidelines that can be helpful for you in that moment.

I will use all that I am and all that is in me to give you the best possible massage so you can also be Home in what you truly are!
Dmitry Harmony
Style: Thai Massage, Yoga Massage, Yumeiho Massage

My journey began in 2010 with Yoga therapy and then ChiGong practice. After that I've passed 20+ courses all over the world: osteopathy, abdominal massage, japanese yumeiho, facial sculptural massage, etc.

During the session I serve for a divine nature within each human being. I always tune myself to be a crystal clear channel, to channelize universe energy and bring it to the receiver.
Best effect for the body we have when the mind is relaxed.

Each person is unique, I create a program of massage by your individual request.

Veronika Tatarnikova
Style: Full body contact Singing Bowl massage

I always had a passion to sound and music and I started to explore the topic of sound and how it affects the psycho-emotional state and physical sensation in the body.

This interest brought me to become a Certified Master of Vibro-acoustice massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

It is a powerful but mild tool that affects not only by sound but to a greater extent by the penetration of vibration of different frequencies and reaches every cell of the body. I use a soft and delicate technique which allows to achieve a deeper relaxation.

After the session, people feel rested and peaceful.
Pavel Kuvshinov
Style: Sport massage, Medical massage, Honey massage,

Completed his studies on the topic of medical massage in 2016 and defended his diploma on the topic of massage for cardiovascular diseases. I worked as a massage therapist in a spa salon, mainly doing relaxing massages, and I lacked depth in my work, I wanted something fundamental.

After 5 years, I unlearned as a yoga teacher and began to study the work of the body even more deeply, using various techniques from osteopathy, physiotherapy, myofascial release, traumatology, and so on.

While doing a massage, I give a recommendation on how exactly you can correct the problem of the musculoskeletal system with the help of exercises at home.

Nina Dobrovolskaya
Style: Thai Massage, Abdominal Massage

Master with 17 years of practice, 11 years of teaching experience; I have been studying in Thailand since 2006, I have completed more than 30 trainings from the best masters of body practices in the world.
Vasily Ivanov
Style: Thai Massage, Aromatherapy

Practice massage since 2019.
In my approach I rely on Eastern medicine, energy healing and aromatherapy. I pay a lot of attention to relaxing the nervous system and immersing person in a state of deep rest.

I was a student in medical college, and now constantly learning and gaining new knowledge on massage.
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