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14 Shalva Radiani, Vake
37 Otar Oniashvili, Saburtalo

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Tbilisi Yoga Community welcomes people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and skill levels. Our goal is to provide a supportive, inclusive, safe, non-judgmental and welcoming studio so you feel comfortable practicing yoga
no matter where you are on your yoga journey.
We've given a lot of thought and love into the studios design
to create a light, roomy, relaxing atmosphere.
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We have been working on a new online project and would like to give FREE ACCESS to our students within trial period.

Pre-recorded online classes on-demand

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No matter where you are, you'll find classes and teachers that are perfect for you.
200H Yoga Teacher Training
An intensive program designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to empower your personal practice or teach yoga classes.
Our teachers have gone through at least 200 hours of yoga education, are certified to teach, and have practiced for at least 5 years. They welcome your suggestions and feedback and can't wait to meet you on your mat.
  • Kati Shanti
    Style: Yin, Ashtanga, Prenatal
    Language: English
  • Dima Guryev
    Style: Hatha, Aerial yoga, Nidra
    Language: English, Russian
  • Sopo Kharebashvili
    Style: Ashtanga
    Language: English, Georgian
  • David Guntaishvili
    Style: Ashtanga, Vinyasa
    Language: English, Georgian
  • Skyy Conteras
    Style: Vinyasa, Meditation
    Language: English
  • Nika Chitidze
    Style: Yoga for beginners
    Language: Georgian, English
  • Marfa Korzhuhina
    Style: Kundalini yoga
    Language:English, Russian
  • Zura Kazishvili
    Style: Yoga Mix, Stretching
    Language: Georgian, Russian
  • Masha Shalagina
    Style: Dance Improvisation
    Language: Russian,English
  • Alisa Ashyrova
    Style: Hatha Yoga, Yin yoga
    Language: English, Russian
  • Madina Ilieva
    Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga-Therapy
    Language: Russian
  • Karina Kodak
    Style: Vajra yoga, Gentle Yoga
    Language: English, Russian
  • Sophie Papayan
    Style: Hatha Yoga, Mantra Chant
    Language: English, Georgian
  • Anna Geranina
    Style: Gentle yoga, Beginners
    Language: Russian
  • Ilia Kostenko
    Style: ILiqChuan, QiGong
    Language: Russian
  • Amalia Karaeva
    Style: Prenatal Yoga
    Language: Russian
  • Irene Mann
    Style: Power Yoga, Yin
    Language: English
  • Pavel Kuvshinov
    Style: Hatha Yoga
    Language: Russian
  • Evgenii Dynko
    Style: Hatha Yoga
    Language: Russian
  • Irina Fatyuk
    Style: Iyengar Yoga
    Language: Russian
  • Ilia Chernyshov
    Style: Yoga-Therapy
    Language: Russian
  • Olesia Troshina
    Style: Kundalini
    Language: Russian, English
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